Dallas Music Academy is by far the most professional school of music in the Metroplex – for children and adults alike, no matter what age. They offer classes in many instruments as well as voice lessons. The teachers are professional and caring, and the venue is welcoming and conducive to learning music. The staff goes out of their way to accommodate the needs of the students – be it taking lessons in person, on line, or scheduling make-up hours for missed lessons. I personally had to reschedule many hours due to necessary travels and the school management always proved to be most helpful in considering my needs. I have been with the Dallas Music Academy for many years and recommend the school wholeheartedly to any student wishing to pursue music as a hobby or professionally. A big THANK YOU to the teaching staff as well as management for helping me on my musical journey!

Mai Pham Heidrich

My daughter has had an amazing experience learning about music. The instructors are very knowledgeable and passionate about music.

Lizzette Smoots

Love this place; my son takes piano classes and everyone is great make you feel like home!!

Claudia Sanchez

I’m lucky to have found an amazing voice coach like Raul, who is passionate and fun to work with. He’s helped me push my voice to levels I’ve never imagined were possible. I admire his approach and dedication to his vocal technique. Every lesson is challenging and I learn something new.

A. Wences

I have been bringing my daughter to Dallas Music Academy for about 7 months now and she has excelled tremendously during this time. She has developed a love for music that brings joy to us. The staff at DMA is awesome and great to work with. Mr. Scott is a wonderful instructor who is patient, easy to talk to and pays close attention to the needs of his students. I highly recommend DMA.

C. Gómez

Mi hija tomas clases de Piano en Dallas Music Academy desde hace 3 años , me siento muy contenta con los resultados por que en cada clase aprende cosas nuevas. Los maestros son muy profesionales, me gusta mucho como utilizan las tecnicas y como la motivan. Me siento muy satisfecha con Dallas Music Academy, Los recitals Excelentes y esperamos con mucha ansiedad que nuestra hija hagas u performance. Altamente recommendable!

Adriana M.

Our experience at the Dallas Music Academy has been a wonderful journey as students to further progress our abilities of comprehension and passion for music and its wonderful instruments. The teachers at Dallas Music Academy have put in an enormous amount of effort to ensure that students like us succeed in reading music and further progressing our talents. As a student at the academy, we are very thankful to have teachers who are very understanding and intelligent, in order for us to progress forward. The Dallas Music Academy has a wide range of instruments and techniques to make sure that students like us learn, whether we are tactile, visual or auditory learners.

Lucero H.

Mis dos Hijos toman clase de Piano en Dallas Music Academy por mas de 3 años. Cuando llegamos por primera vez nos sentimos bienvenidos, las clases son de alta calidad y personalizadas. Uno de mis hijos fue diagnoticado con Autismo y era muy dificil para El sentarse durante la clase y poner atencion. Su maestra la Sra. Raquel Rigotti fue muy paciente y poco a poco el logro fue asombroso en mi hijo. Les agradezco mucho la atencion que recibimos. Altamente recomiendo Dallas Music Academy, es un lugar ideal para todas las edades sin importar la condicion, lo unico que nos detiene y nos limita somos nosotros mismos.

Patricia V.

My daughter has been attending The Dallas Music Academy for a little over 3 months now, she is in love with the piano lessons. It amazes me how much she looks forward to her lessons every week, because the teachers here are amazing and very patient with students of all ages. I will be looking forward to keeping her here for many years to come. Best music academy she’s been in. Highly recommend this Music Academy.

C. Castillo Family

It has been a wonderful experience attending Dallas Music Academy for my son’s piano lessons. They are extremely professional, have great schedules and are working at my son’s pace. I highly recommend the Academy, it’s been a pleasure and I’m happy to see how much my son loves learning here.

P. Menchaca

Since my daughter started going to DMA, she has shown a growth in music. Her drive and discipline for music is shown each time after leaving her piano lesson. The teacher is very patient, knowledgeable, and truly cares for my daughters interest in music. I highly recommend DMA because of their knowledge and the way the communication is between the parent and the teacher which is the most important.

Viviana M.

A++ for Dallas Music Academy. My daughter was a totally new to Piano when she started, but the teachers here have made it an enjoyable experience. Highly recommend to parents of beginners.

Jim S.