Dallas Music Academy students can choose from two tracks of study to best fit their lifestyle, personal and professional goals, and personality. Both the Recreational Music Making Track and the Academic Music Track are available to students of all levels. Tuition and fees are the same for both tracks.

Recreational Music Making Track

The Recreational Music Making Track is ideal for those students at any level who wish to fulfill their desire to develop musical skills for personal enjoyment. An individualized plan addresses specific goals, with a focus on any combination of pop, jazz, and classical music. This approach leads students to musical fulfillment at a relaxed pace while allowing them to pursue other possible interests outside of music.

Academic Music Track

The Academic Music Track is offered to students of any level ​and any age who are interested in a more serious and traditional study of music. This track is customized for the needs of each individual student and includes ​more focused technique training, learning of different musical styles, study of​music history, music theory, ear training and sight-reading. Exams and recital performances are parts of this academic approach. Pre-college students planning to major in music, or anyone dedicated to developing advanced professional skills should follow the academic music track.



When studying an instrument, building a strong foundation is essential. From the very first lessons, we help students to build musical skills that will last a lifetime. Music lessons not only provide a source for self-expression, creativity and healing, but help to develop abstract thinking, self-esteem, and social skills. Music lessons are also a great way to learn dedication and discipline.

Intermediate Students

At the intermediate level, students start to develop a sense of musical artistry and become independent learners. Students refine their technique and explore a broad range of more advanced repertoire that fits their personal style. There is a focus on refining technique for a deeper sense of musicality and expression. With dedication and regular practice, this stage of musical development can be full of exciting self-discovery.

Pre-college and advanced

Many of our students are interested in pursuing careers in music. They focus on understanding and performing great works from the piano literature. Performance skills, understanding of various styles, focus on individual expression, color, nuance, advanced technical skills, are some of the elements of a more advanced level.


Adults of all ages who study music at the DMA come to us with a variety of backgrounds and experiences in music making. Some are beginners studying an instrument for the first time, while others are intermediate students picking up where they left off years ago. Additionally, many mature musicians find great joy in reuniting with their musical past and regaining their chops. For adults at any level, the study of music can be a fulfilling activity that fully stimulates the mind to strengthen pathways that already exist as well as form new ones. In addition, it truly proves an effective emotional outlet which provides a sense of accomplishment and purpose.