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Wes Case


Born in California, raised in Texas, Wes Case began on piano at 8 years old to then pick up the guitar at 12, has been captivating audiences of all generations ever since. Upon graduating from UNT’s jazz program in 2015, he began performed and traveling throughout Latin America, studying Uruguay’s folk music Candombe in Montevideo, Quechua (an Andean language) while in Peru, as well the rich world of rhythm and guitar with Filó Machado(of Djavan) in Brazil. He recorded and released his debut album during a trip back home in 2018.

Now re-established in Texas, he has become an active educator, bandleader and among the most in-demand guitarists of his generation. With a profound respect for musical traditions of a wide variety, he is very encouraging to students’ exploration of the styles and repertoires of their focus, as well as coaxing their creative side to assimilate those influences in their own way. Wes can be found performing in traditional jazz settings, exploring his playful arrangements of classic pop tunes, and original modern jazz projects. He plays regularly with the Skinny Cooks, The Factory, Alex Blair, Trusko, and has shared the stage with Bernard Wright, RC Williams and Cleon Edwards(of Erykah Badu), Fred Hamilton, and Melvin Wells(of Cameo).