We want to make tuition and fees simple and clear to understand. At the Dallas Music Academy, you can pay for the whole year (12 months) or for 6 months at a time with a 5% discount.
In addition, you can choose the monthly installments with equal installments every single month to make it easy for budgeting purposes; the price is the same whether you receive 3 lessons per month, 4 lessons per month or 5 lessons per month. The average of 4 lessons per month has already been calculated into the installments.
If you prefer to pay by the lesson, we can also do that! We will work with your budgeting needs to make it possible for you to take lessons with us.
Would you like even more flexibility? You can also purchase packages of lessons. Our lesson packages come in groups of 10 or 20 lessons. There are certain rules and restrictions that apply. Please call us for more information.
Call us or email us for more information about tuition rates, family discounts and scholarships.