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Greetings from Argentina! Volume 1

Music from the Dallas Chamber Players

This recording is made to showcase some of the music from the rich Argentine classical and tango traditions. Piazzolla, perhaps Argentina’s most renowned tango composer, wrote “Las Cuatro Estaciones Portenas” as a classical homage to the beloved Argentine tango. In it he combines the vibrancy of the dance within the setting of a more traditional concert work, using the four seasons as inspiration. But tango is not all Argentina has to offer. Filled with beautiful influences from Argentine folk music, the music of Carlos Guastavino is quite conservative, tonal and characterized by lush harmonies. Guastavino is often known as the Schubert of Latin America for his gift of melody. With these composers we see two contrasting styles of Argentine music: one, the passionate tango, the other, a more popular, lyrical style.

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