If you present children with a wonderful “healthy” lunch full of veggies, beans, rice and you tell them that this is a very delicious and nutritious lunch, what will they say? Most children will probably reject it and ask for French fries or some other food that you know is not good for them on a regular basis. For a child, the word practice means:

  1. Boredom
  2. Repetition
  3. Homework
  4. Frustration

For adult students, practice means:

  1. Something I don’t have time to do
  2. Guilt about something I don’t have time to do
  3. Eventual withdrawal from lessons

Do students need to practice? Absolutely. Do we all need to eat a healthy diet to prevent illnesses and even revert damage already done to our bodies? Absolutely. But how can you persuade your child to practice?

Stress the word PLAY. Instead of telling your child to “go practice” try asking them to PLAY for you or for you and his sister, or for you and someone else. Maybe try saying “go to your room and play music” instead of “go to your room and put in an hour of structured, disciplined practice at a high standard.”

For adult students the important element is that they are doing this for their own enjoyment. Instead of saying “I need to go practice” try saying “I’m going to play some music and relax!”

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