Loud music in a restaurant could interfere with any communication process between customers. But not all people find it equally difficult to understand any given speech in noisy environments. Studies have proven that musicians are specially trained to better understand messages and contents in such situations.

Music can definitely improve the brain’s performance in the long-term. Apparently after a short practice time, people who learned to play an instrument as children can process sounds in a more efficient way, including human voice and all it implies. This is the result of a bunch of recent researches done by Universities world-wide.

To investigate how fast and how long it takes for these effects to be noticeable, the researchers divided 45 adults into three groups. The first group was musically uneducated, namely without any experience with music. The individuals in the second group had up to five years playing an instrument at any level. The last group included people who have played an instrument for a long time (more than 6 years). All of them were studied in different situations, including an experiment in which they were asked to understand messages in very noisy environments.

The investigation revealed that adults who had as little as 2 years of musical training in their childhood were way more efficient to understand messages and spoken language under difficult situations.

brain, music