Music and intelligence are two concepts usually understood as related things. But it is not sure if it is listening to music what makes people more intelligent, or if it is playing an instrument or making music what affects intelligence. The answer lies, as always, somewhere in between.

In 1993 the experts spoke about this. The psychologist Frances H. Rauscher, from the University of California Irvine, reported that some studies proved people solved special tasks better if they had listened before to ten minutes of a Mozart piano sonata. Since then, the phenomenon is known as “The Mozart effect”.

The fact that listening to music enhance our memory is no longer a matter of discussion, it is proven. But the idea that listening to music makes you automatically smarter is not completely true. New studies have proved that, neurologically, “playing” music and “listening to” music are two completely different things, being the “playing” process the one that helps us improve our cognitive skills. .

The fact that musical education is beneficial is something no one seriously questions anymore. Playing an instrument increases mental agility, memory, and, in long term, intelligence. Besides that, it also has a positive effect on the language skills of children.

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