What Our Clients Are Saying

I began as adult student having never had any musical training. Dr. Tolosa spent time to understand my objectives and even gave me one trial lesson. From then I was hooked. I don’t believe there could be a more patient teacher. Music to me is like learning a new language and Dr. Tolosa has a great ability to translate it to something meaningful and understandable. He celebrates my successes with me and builds me back up when I struggle.

Rich D. (student)

I’ve learned so much with Dr. Tolosa. He doesn’t simply observe, correcting wrong notes and pointing out things written on the page the way many other teachers do. The suggestions he makes always have broader implications; he often explains how a particular articulation, or the way a certain passage should be played, can be applied to other pieces in general. It’s true education, not just tutoring. However, note my use of the word ‘suggestions’: naturally, being a professional musician, Dr. Tolosa is an expert on musical interpretation, but at times he makes it clear that we’re trying out different things to see what sounds best, and he’s always open to input and questions.

I’m getting ready to audition for a few music schools, and while I battle my own mental blocks, I could not imagine a better professor.

Effrain E. (student)

My son has been taking music lessons with Gustavo since he was six. He is now almost fourteen and we are more than pleased with the outcome. I honestly say that we would definitely recommend Gustavo Tolosa.

Carlos V. (parent)

My daughter began taking piano lessons from Dallas Music Academy 2 years ago when she was 6 1/2 years old. Her ability to read music, play the piano, and understand the theory part since beginning the lessons are incredible. Her teachers, Dr. Tolosa and Raquel Rigotti, are extremely talented and gifted teachers who show patience and encouragement to their students. They have high expectations of their students which is a great advantage. We are very pleased with our daughter’s progress and look forward to her future musical accomplishments as a result of her ongoing training at Dallas Music Academy.

Lisa C. (parent)

As a student here, I had enjoyed every lesson with Dr. Tolosa and with his help, learning music was easy and fun. I was inspired to make music my career & I believe it is a dream I could accomplish attending this academy.

Alexis M (student)

I recommend, without reservation, Dr. Tolosa and the Dallas Music Academy for adult music instruction. I am a current piano student and have been playing for roughly 2 years. All I can say is that it is NEVER too late to learn. I’ve always had the desire to play but was intimidated by the idea that I had no previous experience and could only read music if I did “Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge.” I was referred to Dr. Tolosa by a colleague whose daughter was one his students. I tried the free lesson and knew that this is what I wanted to do. Fast forward two years and I am able to play intermediate level piano with my weekly lessons. Dr. Tolosa is an outstanding teacher, but what I appreciate the most is his patience and emphasis on technique. It’s amazing how subtle hand gestures can make a world a difference in the performance of a piece. Overall, Dallas Music Academy has made my dream a reality to learn to play piano and I highly recommend them.

Erika B. (student)

I took my son, age 5, and daughter, age 3, to Dallas Music Academy recently for piano lessons. The environment was so fun and welcoming, my kids automatically felt comfortable. Raquel was their teacher, and she was so patient with them, and so good at teaching them. They both felt at home with her, and they are excited to go back again!

Joshika K. (parent)