One of the ways people “assess” other people is using the musical taste as a tool. In fact, we often judge people basing our opinions on what we think about the music they hear. We assume that personality shares characteristics with the music we like but, Can this process go backwards? Can Music actually affect our personality?

A study made by psychologists from Cambridge University suggests that people have “an intuitive understanding of the connections between musical tastes and personality”. So people who listen to energetic music such as Rock, are seen as extrovert and easy-going individuals. Followers of country music were characterized by others as emotionally stable and jazz lovers as intellectual and reflexive individuals.

These relationships allow us to say that musical tastes have a noticeable impact in our personalities, the researchers summarize. They also agree that using music as a way to build children personality can bring excellent results. That’s the reason why, listening to the right music and playing a musical instrument can help us to enhance the personality features we would like to stimulate.

music, personality